Madrid v 1.3 released with speed improvements! Please clear your cache for best user experience.

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If you recently bought our theme Madrid and found some troubles making the website work, we recommend to check the following:

  • Please Make Sure that you have installed not the package you got from Envato, Extract it and Upload
  • Please Make Sure that you have WordPress 3.5.1 – works with 3.6 too
  • You can install PHP Server Info plugin to check the following
  • Please Make Sure that you have php 5.3
  • If you got “Are You sure? Error” then you need to increase post_max_size in php ini to more than 10 
  • By Default, WordPress have limitation to number of menu items, to increase that, increase “max_input_vars” in your php.ini at least to be 2000  
  • Please Make Sure that you Disable All the Plugins as any of them might be causing a conflict with our Page builder or content.
  • Please Make Sure that you Host have allow_url_fopen is set to 1 to be able to use the social  count widget
  • Please Make Sure that you Host have  mb_strlen() is enabled not to get fatal error. Or contact your hosting to activate it
  • Please Make Sure that you followed Install Like Demo Exactly even if you dont want all the options, make sure that the website is like our demo and then start editing.
  • Please Make Sure that you followed Our Page builder Tutorial and how to setup a page using the Page Builder.